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My doctor told me it must be taken 1 hour before eating or 2 hours after eating because your stomach needs to be empty.

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You should ask your doctor if this is wise. I have no anxiety or paranoid phobias, all of which disappeared within a couple of week of starting. Would it be ok to still take my norcos regularly, and then take the seroquel at night, as long as I space the two medications apart by like hours? The local Thai community where I live Chiang Mai are growing herbs and sharing their healing knowledge and have been doing so for hundreds of years, for next to nothing. This is one that helped me alot, especially to get good sleep with cool dreams.

I remember dozing off at one point. The medicine is extended release, but if there is food in the stomach, it starts releasing at a much faster rate. Hopefully Crystal has killed herself by now…. So, if I can communicate with people more and get more done, then this is great, right? Just my opinion…I am now fully alive!! This happens far too often.

I thought the article was very informative, and well put together.

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Oddly enough abuse of anti-psychotic medications is a real thing. Worse interactions, often following an overdose, can place you in the ICU for days. My husband just began taking this and I found comfort in your post and would love to hear any updates? Many people have experienced troublesome effects with regard to weight management after starting Seroquel.

To those of you that take S especially low doseis this not odd? I take mg of Seroquel at night and I have to say that although it has really helped with the psychosis, the knockout effect has been a welcome suprise. The first day after this med I saw everything slower; this gave me more control in dealing with things.

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Secondly, I am also on Norco 10s for my authritis. For us, the only difference from the rest is just that we goes through the pupa stage of a butterfly life significantly more times. You can overdose on iron so be careful whatever is decided. The makers of the drug Astra Zeneca know this. He is angry, irritable, nasty, yelling all the time.