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The second major mechanism of drug resistance involves active efflux of fluconazole out of the cell through the activation of two types of multidrug efflux transporters; the major facilitators encoded by MDR genes and those of the ATP-binding cassette superfamily encoded by CDR genes.

Fungal strains which have developed one or more of these resistance mechanisms are known to exhibit high minimum inhibitory concentrations MICs to fluconazole which impacts adversely efficacy in vivo and clinically. In combination therapy, symptoms of rifabutin toxicity should be taken into consideration.

These effects are similar to those seen in animal studies. Coadministration of fluconazole and quinidine is contraindicated see section 4. For fungi resistant to fluconazoleamphotericin B is recommended at dose of 0. Elevated fentanyl concentration may lead to respiratory depression.

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When driving vehicles or operating machines, it should be taken into account that occasionally dizziness or seizures may occur. Resulting increased plasma concentrations of astemizole can lead to QT prolongation and rare occurrences of torsades de pointes.

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Although not studied in vitro or in vivoconcomitant administration of fluconazole with pimozide may result in inhibition of pimozide metabolism. Central venous alimentation was started on the same day, because the patient was incapable of oral nutritional intake.

Several published epidemiologic studies do not suggest an increased risk of congenital anomalies associated with low dose exposure to fluconazole in pregnancy most subjects received a single oral dose of mg. Dose adjustment of warfarin may be necessary.

Excipients Capsules contain lactose monohydrate. However, there was no consistent difference between the older and younger patients with respect to individual side effects. Longer periods may be used in patients with severely compromised immune function.

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Generally the symptoms start to go away after 24 hours. Diflucan reduces the metabolism of tolbutamide, glyburide, and glipizide and increases the plasma concentration of these agents. Fluconazole achieves good penetration in all body fluids studied. Another study at a mg and mg daily dose of fluconazole demonstrated that fluconazole taken in doses of mg per day or greater significantly increases plasma levels of terfenadine when taken concomitantly. Following oral administration of midazolam, fluconazole resulted in substantial increases in midazolam concentrations and psychomotor effects.

Dosage of orally administered tacrolimus should be decreased depending on tacrolimus concentration. Most of the reported side effects were mild to moderate in severity. This combination may be used but the incidence of CNS related undesirable effects should be borne in mind.

A major source of candidemia in such high-risk hospitalized patients is an indwelling intravascular catheter.

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Asymptomatic candiduria rarely requires therapy.