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A comparative clinical trial standard dose versus intermittent high dose versus cyclophosphomide plus cytosine arabinoside NSC The National Cancer Institute common terminology criteria for adverse events, version 3.

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The information contained herein should NOT be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. L-Asparaginase—based treatment should thus be considered for salvage therapy, especially in patients with disseminated disease. For a complete list of participating clinicians, please see the supplemental Appendix available on the Blood Web site; see the Supplemental Materials link at the top of the online article.

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Figure 2 Kaplan-Meier curves among the 16 patients who received at least 3 cycles, according to antiasparaginase antibody status. Intracranial calcifications in childhood leukemia, an association with systemic chemotherapy. Primary nasal natural killer cell lymphoma: Consensus statement from the Asian Oncology Summit The authors declare no competing financial interests.

Br J Haematol ; 4: No diabetes or pancreatitis occurred. Chemotherapy protocols used for lymphomas of other histologic subtypes are poorly effective, at least in part, because of frequent multidrug resistance gene expression by tumor cells. Nonparametric Estimation from incomplete observations.

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The absence of antiasparaginase antibodies and the disappearance of Epstein-Barr virus serum DNA were significantly associated with a better outcome. Natural killer cell neoplasms: J Clin Oncol ; 24 1: BerlinSpringer-Verlag, ; p. Three of six responders had monoblastic leukemia and also developed tumor lysis syndrome.

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Transient mild elevation of transaminase was the most common complication; severe hepatitis and cholestatic jaundice were not seen. No therapeutic strategy is currently identified in relapsing patients. The most common adverse event was transient elevation of transaminases 9 patients. Treatment The treatment regimen included an intravenous dose of MTX followed by a dose of asparaginase intramuscular or intravenous 24 hours later.

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The median overall survival time was 1 year, with a median response duration of 12 months. In the present study, we report our recent experience of combination chemotherapy with MTX and asparaginase in children with relapsed or refractory AML after contemporary frontline or salvage chemotherapy.

MillerGregory H. Blood ; 87 4: