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Had no side affects also. The combination of the operation and the drugs gave me 4 lovely eggs and now I'm pregnant!! I'm so nervous anxious and excited. TrixiePuff - October I took a pregnancy test yesterday CD 23 and it was negative but I figured that would probably be too early.

I advise you to be patient. We recommend you begin a new post. This inactive post may not receive community feedback. In brief - PCOS, clomidlong cycle so ovulated laterealised thats what was happening and got pg second cycle.

We successfully conceived again this sep on the clomid 50mg but lost the baby at 10 weeks Nov Are they not one in the same? I pray for all trying to conceive! No other effects on hormones or insulin thankfully.

PCOS- Clomid 1st round

It enflamed my appendix so I had them both removed. First off, I have irregular periods, have never had a normal 28 day cycle, somehow we conceived our son with no problems.

I lost my right ovary when i was 12 due to a birth defect. I am now on my 3rd round of clomid. It turns out my baby implanted late! Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. I ovulate every month so I'm worried that this will increase my chances.

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When I went in for my day 21 lab my was only 5. I too have PCOS, and my cycles are all over the place. I had 2 rounds of clomid, first 50, thenplus a pregnyl injection to release the eggs although not everyone gets this and each time I had one giant mutant follicle don't worry it probably wont happen to you So I had to have a laparoscopy and then a diathermie where they burned some holes into my ovaries, this shocks them and stops them making so much testosterone.

You will get pregnant even if it doesn't work first time, promise. I have about half of my ovary in working shape.