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All I can say is give it time to kick in. Add your Response Find similar questions. You are using an out of date browser. Just be warned, pins tend to make you forget if you just took your 4th or 10th, so number them or something lol. But also address your concerns about sri's. But if you suffer from those problems generally, it may become all too tempting to take clonazepam at other times, too.

Ugh depression is no fun. More than most people could fathom consuming. In a 24 hour period of Klonopin. Please just ignore ignorance like his if you don't want to end up OD'ing. Whatever you do, don't snort it.

I am wondering if this dose is a good one to start on and would be safe, also if it helps right away or if it takes a while to start working. I am interested, and researched it's effects and also found out it is a substitute for Klonopin.

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It is like comparing an apple to an orange both fruit but not the same. Just make sure you take one day at a time and try to slowly work through anything that triggers the anxiety. Its not a fun drug.

Klonipin can be a very useful drug, especially if you have long term general anxiety problems. I just would like to share this, I started my serious anxiety problem about 12 years ago when i was 18, in the first days i was given xanax by a doctor in a hospital in the US, there was a big inconvenience, it just knocked me down, so with xanax to get the anxiety somehow controled was to put me to sleep.

Want to add to the discussion? The chances that drowsiness is experienced the next morning is greatly increased with this dosage due to the increased amount of the medication and the already long half life of Klonopin. I promised him if it did I would have to jump off a bridge due to how scary it was. I was prescribed 1 mg three times a day and I was completely out of it. After a few weeks i felt so much better.

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Morrissey, I had been suffering from sever panic attacks and anxiety for the past few months. Now, I take my 1mg twice a day, and I never feel much sedation or that loose feeling like I did on 1mg xanax for example, but instead I just don't get the anxiety in the first place. Like I said I kno this is old but since I have some info on it just needed to put my input. You should discuss this this with your Dr.

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Have a good time with your 5 mg. Skip to Content googletag.