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Although it is very rarely mentioned, your thyroid and your reproductive cycle are closely related. Login or sign up in seconds. Birth Control After Baby. Comments Add a comment. Subscribe To Thyroid Disorders.

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Read the information from the drugstore that comes with both medications thoroughly and they should both tell you what I just did.

After I thought I had gotten my thyroid regulated my gyno switched my BC pills as I told her I was having irregular periods and also to try to get rid of an ovarian cyst I had developed. That's another reason why I treat my menopausal women who have hypothyroidism with a hormone CREAM instead of the standard oral prescription pill.

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So basically, your birth control pill is cancelling out your levothyroxine. If you take them both at the same time, you're not absorbing as much of either one. This includes vitamins, minerals, and herbal products. You've got to bump those babies up. What should we call you? We encourage all members to find a capable, compassionate, intelligent practitioner and discuss advice given here with them. The mineral selenium decreases the antibodies that form in Hashimoto's thyroiditis, thereby decreasing the inflammation, which is why I recommend selenium to everyone who has hypothyroidism.

Worried Pregnancy-Teen 6 Alinalexus Birth Control 2 However, many people have no side effects or only have minor side effects.

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How to Take Thyroid Medication Although thyroid problems are usually easily treated with medication, it can be tricky to take because of how thyroid hormones react with other substances.

It is a life style, not a life sentence. Originally Posted by LilyU She said that it's a totally different hormone, so no issues. She said that it's a totally different hormone, so no issues. CoveredInDiamon Pregnancy-Teen 5 Estrogen and thyroid are competing hormones. Unprotected sex during safe time If you suspect your thyroid isn't working as it should, your doctor can test your thyroid levels using a TSH test or T4 test, says Kent Holtorf, M.