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Androgen tends to cause male pattern baldness and increased body hair. It is soluble in alcohol and in polyethylene glycolsparingly soluble in isopropyl alcohol, and slightly soluble in water. But not necessarily in the same manner.

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Quality-control assessment may include theoretical weight compared with actual weight, pH, specific gravity SGactive drug assay, color, texture—surface, texture—spatula spread, appearance, feel, rheologic properties, and physical observations.

That is why spiro has been used to treat hair loss.

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It's mechanism is to reduce androgens, which in turn reduces sebum production. This work has not been published previously, is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, and is approved by all authors. Topical cimetidine treatment of acne. Share This Page Tweet. Of these, 94 patients saw an improvement in their CASS score and 61 patients completely cleared their score to 0. Menu Forums Forums Quick Links.

Keep us updated, I hope you do well! Or sign in with your Acne.

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Add sufficient purified water to final weight and mix well. Causes of acne Acne myths How to pop a pimple The Acne. Yes, my password is: Results There were patients that met all eligibility requirements. Methods An electronic medical records search tool was used to select data from a group of women who received spironolactone to treat acne and were evaluated with the comprehensive acne severity scale CASS before treatment and at all follow-up visits.

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It is soluble in alcohol and practically insoluble in water. CitePeer Related Articles http: I am NOT a doctor. Find all citations in this journal default. As of now this regimen has stopped my male pattern baldness itch, I believe I am getting results but it will take a few more months to become conclusive.

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Schmidt JB, Spona J. Mar 1, Messages: You are using an out of date browser. This process does take time and dedication.