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This dose made me pretty fucked up, I nodded and almost threw up. Oct 28, Messages: Last edited by a moderator: So I have 22 norco and 18 days until my refill. Once the acute effects of both alcohol and hydrocodone wear off, the risk of complications decreases.

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I take anywhere from 5 — 15 mg of vicodin a day and my Dr. But probably just stick to 7. Results 1 to 30 of Johnny Boy found that wikipedia hook up.

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I took 1 and a half of the 7. But with 0 tolerance 15mg would be a decent experience and would be good for starters, you just won't likely nod likely.

I always get the fish eye when I get my prescription and I am in so much pain with the pills even. In my recent experience I am pretty sure I simply took 15mg because I was confident, at the least, that I wouldn't puke and maybe a dash of 'too lazy to split the pill'.

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Please research this leaf which is in the coffee family. Habitually taking higher doses than recommended will gradually cause liver damage, and should be avoided.

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I am worried this dose with cause addition. A day at night around 8 am I okay. And I will take a Vicodin and within 30 min I have stopped shivering and feel so much better. Wiki Research Mission Statement Donate! Even if I take a few weeks off, it would take at least mg of oxycodone to produce any euphoria and within a few days it jumps up to requiring mg and up and just keeps going from there.

And how to make sure I don't get addicted- I know it's an opiate, got to be very careful with this one. For a beginner who was never taken an opiate I'd suggest mg. You can take up to mg at a time, no more than mg a day of acetominophen.