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I see a high risk Perinatalogist and was taking meds for a month and a half before I found out and was scared to death that I had hurt my baby.

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He said it is all or nothing. Your doctor may suggest a medication from a different drug class. I did stop taking it and didn't take it enough to have withdrawals but you still have that "what if. Spikes in blood pressure, bouts of anxiety, suicidal ideation, and other symptoms that can ensue during withdrawal could put the developing baby and the mom at serious risk for preterm labor and other complications.

Cin - June Just worried about it affecting my fertility I still did worry, but the sonogram really put my mind to ease. Step down is the only way to come offGood luck! They may, but the effect may also turn out to be temporary, according to Boivin: Those who reported the most intense emotional symptoms had pregnancies that were just two-and-a-half days shorter.

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Sign me up for Healthline's Newsletter. However, your feedback is important to us. Xanax is not safe to take during pregnancy. Taking Xanax later in your pregnancy can also cause floppy infant syndrome.

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Also, xanax is extremely addictive and newborns may suffer withdrawal. As it stands, if I can come off it and be sustainable, great! But consider this large, population-based work, in which researchers interviewed over 78, Danish women. Thanks again for your answers!!

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Risks to a developing fetus are numerous. I didn't think about bringing it up at my preconception appt bc I never take it - as in I have not taken it in at least a year.

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Here are some available suggestions. I just found out I am 5-weeks pregnant and have taken Xanax and Ambien. Your doctor can help you get safe treatment for your anxiety condition.

At the same time, when prolactin levels go up, progesterone levels go down, and this can affect other hormone levels and consequently moods. I did take a few xanax, not consecutively in the month prior to finding out i was pregnant. How long before I get pregnant should I stop taking Xanax?

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I'm a very normal person have a great career and a very supportive hubby. For instance, anxiety or panic disorder may prevent you from getting good prenatal care. Meditation can greatly enhance overall mood for anyone, pregnant or not.