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My mother just calls it a Nurofen lols.

Zoloft extreme heartburn

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Lasix and acid reflux

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About the competition

Will these grades cost me a top uni spot? Can I have some Ibroofen please?

Zyvox bacterial coverage

Follow 3 Follow 11 Follow 5 It's eye-bew-pro-fen because the bu- part comes from butyl in i so- bu tyl- pro panoic- phen olic acid which is pronounced bewtyl.

Follow 13 Watch sendTimingData 'title'. Last edited by S. Advice on everyday issues Replies: Follow 12 Follow 16 Ive always said i-ro-bru-fen.

Original post by scriggy I work in a shop, and a few days ago a lad came in and asked for some Ibuprofen.