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Daily dosing of hydrocodone will cause physical dependence which is characterized by withdrawal symptoms upon dose cessation. My pain is in the right leg this time and is worse at night. You can always call the pharmacy where you picked up the prescription and ask for clarification.

You only need 2. They both contain the same amount of hydrocodone which is the 10mg while the second number is the amount of acetaminophen, mg in the one and mg in the other. Liver tests seem to be good, so so far that is no problem. To protect our independence we do not run ads.

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Wed, Jul 26 '17, 5: Tue, Oct 31 '17, Updated 11 months ago in Hydrocodone. Norco is a different medicine, making me really tired. I have asked a friend he says that it might be due to my own body.

It isn't necessarily stronger, but it does work better for some people. I finally checked into a Detox facility to help me, which was horribly difficult, but I got off it.

But had to go to dentist for work on teeth, and they gave me prescription for mg. Watson says it has labs in India but why would drug have a different consistency? In general, hydrocodone detection time in urine is more likely when you are drug tested within 24 hour of use. I went to a back doctor yet again last June because it is getting worse with age and I needed something.

I have fibro, the doctor put me on pain meds I only take one a day, cut it half, half in the morning and half in afternoon, been doing this for 4yrs.

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You should only do that, if your doctor approves. I was hooked on them he told me I was managing them good keep doing what I was doing I had two docs tell me that.

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An Rx can last months for 30 pills. I also have RSD on my right side.

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But I had all the dripps in my iv and plus they were giving one or two pill every hoursalong with the delotin that I had in my iv And I was told to continue 1 pill every three ours. Have had 2 ear surgeries in Dallas TX, broken rt clavicle, 7 broken ribs on my rt side,collapsed lung, and broken pelvis in 3 places. It is therefore, recommended that you use this drug with prescription to avoid unwanted side effects.

I have a high tolerance so I usually have to take more than 1 and my body just feels gross when I take too much acetaminophen. Are there any other questions or comments? Is it safe to take 1 of her 2mg xanex to go to sleep now?

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This really shouldn't have any bearing on the analgesic effect of your medication unless you're concerned about the missing APAP, and how that may have significant consequences.