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Dec 1, 3.

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Dec 1, 8. Bam, my reason for asking this question was that my math seemed correct when looking at a total diluted dosage. I can see why you would want to use the horse paste. I use ivermectin on my dogs as well, so I keep it on hand. Dec 1, 5. The skin of the inner side of the ear is still inflamed. BB code is On. The answers provided on this board are for general guideline purposes only.

We aren't vets and we don't pose as vets. Hopefully neither is one of the rare rabbits that has a bad reaction to the stuff! Miss MDec 1, The presence of pus deep in the ear canal is indicative of a secondary bacterial infection. His head is lovely and he is in very good flesh just parasite ridden. I think I'll get a second opinion and then give it a try: Crusts fell after treatment with an insecticide. Well, first, I can say the Diatomaceous Earth does work for fur mites! Three days after treatment, most crusts have fallen off.

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Ivermectin proper dosage discussion. I do my dogs vaccinations all my own except rabies which state law requires licensed vets to give. Dec 2, The rabbit recovered well and fur is growing back. Log in or Sign up. Miss MDec 3, If someone has to treat their bunnies with ivermectin and cannot have a vet prescribe it, it's best to get the liquid form, do the calculations, and dilute the liquid enough to get the right dose.

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We seem to have caught it at a very early stage as you really had to look in his ears to see it. So we moved on to a beautiful little lionhead doe who after about a year appeared to have an intestinal blockage that took her away from this world. Easy removal the crust a few days after ivermectin injection, Right: