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By Liquidex in forum Purity Source Labs. Log in or Sign up. I've sent numerous emails and heard back only once from some idiot asking me for an order number, which I never got one from them.

We are trying as hard as we can to change to the same medical system here.

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By bizarre23 in forum Teen Bodybuilding. Has anyone heard of purity solutions? I am prescribed test C already, so bloods wint do much good for determining if the sust is good.

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There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. If the problem persists find a new Doctor and talk to him. Currently using their anastrozole. By dieting and doing cardio, you just reduce its size but not go away. Also, from what I've read so far it seems like 9 out of 10 times their products are crap and I can tell this from experience that they have crappy customer service. He said it was a psl question so i moved it.

Also, to see an endocrinologist I would have to get a referral which my doctor wont give. I don't know why but I feel like the clomid is legit but I cant be sure until after BW. BrownTownApr 16, I am looking into getting torem for my rats, but can't find any backing on this product. I got bunk Torem from Cem but good clomid and tamox. I just received an order from their USA Domestic: I guess I got lucky with the dbol Purity Solutions- Clomid Purity solitions. You obviously haven't done much research.

Some fell foul and ended up getting jail time and authorities are still perusing others. This isn't a forum where we can talk about stuff like this, you'll have to go to a more steroid friendly forum to get the help you seek.

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The 4-year investigation by the Drug Enforcement Agency DEA has been gathering pace as more alleged offences have come to light. Whilst surveillance was put on their shipment warehouse.

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