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I lose quite a bit of hair in the shower. And I feel great I have not had any side effects except always thirsty.

I am a mess, just moved, started a new job. Taking too much levothyroxine has been associated with increased bone loss, especially in women after menopause.

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Our Mission GoodRx believes that everyone should be able to access and afford the prescription drugs they need to maintain their health. I Will be started the 75 mg dosage tomorrow this is my first time ever been on thyroid meds.

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The others have already given you information. Nancy July 9,5: I have had heart palpitations, anxiety, increased heart rate, sleepless nights and hot flashes.

Others stay away from it. I went back to the doctor and my test showed I was now hyper so they continued to lower my dosage. Then I got hit with heavy anxiety out of the blue.

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If there is a quick, easy way to lose weight, I'm not going to choose a long and hard way. For me I take it around 4pm. Use a spoon or dropper to give the medicine as soon as possible.

SYNTHROID should not be used to treat noncancerous growths or enlargement of the thyroid in patients with normal iodine levels, or in cases of temporary hypothyroidism caused by inflammation of the thyroid gland thyroiditis.

Tell your doctor if you develop any of the following symptoms: The average replacement dose of T4 in adults is approximately 1.

I am having heart palpitations, but am tired all the time, cold, and depressed. Ask your health care provider if Synthroid may interact with other medicines that you take. That takes a good 8 weeks. Tell your doctor if you are taking any other drugs, including prescription and over-the-counter products.

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But never did my dosage change just a day cut out or half of my pill on a Sunday instead of whole. I always, and everyone else should always, get Brand Synthroid. This time we changed to generic synthroid and lowered it to mcg from Thereafter, you should take steps to minimize the likelihood of future dosing errors by reviewing and confirming dosing instructions with your doctor. When she went in her TSH was low at 0.