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I don't use drugs recreationally. If so, you may want to take it earlier in the evening. Because I'm groggyfrom it, of course I get anxious.

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At least one out of every 10 college students will experiment with Vicodin use. Some other warning signs are the need to take more Vicodin for the same effect and taking the drug in quantities that are larger than what a doctor has prescribed. For me, for pain it's the opiates that work, the rest of the so called pain killers aren't effective, it's like drinking water. I myself had reactions to medications that even stump doctors or are rare.

I'm 79 and have always been athletic until now when any activity aggravates my stenosis causing What I would suggest is asking your dr about seroquel, it is an anti psychotic that is also VERY sedating.

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Among them, 3 have Paradoxical drug reaction. Immediately before wheeling him into the operating room they gave him a form of diazepam. Some people use Vicodin to get relief from pain, but others abuse it for the high that it provides. Report Post Hi I also have strange paradoxical reactions to many meds. I have always had thick curly long hair and now very thin and fragile like baby hair.

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As is the case with similar drugs, more Vicodin is needed to achieve the same effect, so drug users get caught in a cycle of continuous use. It was first discovered after taking codeine for an ear ache. The time now is If you are interested, please consider registering.

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For the medical professional, the trick is to get a dose of intravenous Benadryl into the patient as quickly as possible, otherwise the attempt to get the patient to stay longer and wait for test results, the doctor to talk to them, etc. Was hit by truck on my bicycle in the late 80's.

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Probably the key to immortality for me will turn out to be getting run over by a bus on a daily basis Reaction to JUST benadryl. I start freaking out. Demerol does this to me as well.

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Last year after surgery, I could manage hours sleep on the pain meds once exhausted severe lack of sleep AND taking mg Xanax. This latter is good too because they are aware of many side effects that even doctors and pharmacists are not aware of.

This action of what normally are stimulants allowing children to calm down led to the development of ADHD drugs, such as Adderral, that are similar in structure and function to the stimulant methamphetamines.