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A lot of acne scars, deep clogged pores and freakin loads of whiteheads. You have to work your way up to avoid the flaky skin but it definitely keeps my skin less wrinkly.

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I would describe my acne as being mild to sometimes moderate? I then tried to reduce my usage to every second day, then every 3rd day, then mixing with a moisturizer I started using tretinoin at 0. At first it does burn and it can make your skin peel, but I put it on a clean face and then I completely mositurse my face after.

Was this review helpful? I wish this was around when I was younger and perhaps would of avoided so much scaring. Now, almost three years later, my skin is the best it's ever been.

I am now 23, I have relocated to the north coast where I started experiencing terrible breakout it started with rash then small pimples then a disaster. Its been 2 months since I've stopped the antibiotics and I love the results, my acne is now where I want it to be but I know that if I stop this cream it will break me out.

I noticed that my skin where I was applying the cream was much nicer than the rest of my face. This is all part of the exfoliating magic taking place! I been using it for 3 years now and my face has stayed clear. Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals, Inc. I had very dry skin and new pimples everyday. I started using this cream when I was in the 8th grade.

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As I started the new tube I noticed extremely dry, flakey, red skin and acne in spots I've never had before on my face. Start low to ensure your skin can adapt to its effects. As kids do, she wanted to do what her friends were doing so we bought it. Even after a few days, I was noticing differences. Mlak89 April 13, She blindly believed that the doctors should know the best and wanted to go the route of the dermatologist.

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It was a pretty pricey prescription, so thinking about how much is wasted kind of makes me mad. Acne-prone, Fair, Cool Hair: Courtney, Female on Treatment for less than 1 month Patient.