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Search Advanced Search section: Thanks for all the info Rasberry! Then, three days later, they repeated my blood work and put me on hcg shot as well as the prog.

I guess this was just not my cycle I wouldn't stop taking it until your dr says to tho. RWU has no status. I feel like my hormones get all messed up when I take this pill and I wind up bleeding every other day. H Prometrium vs Generic Progesterone. For my irregular periods my doctor told me to start taking the prometrium 2 capsules mg for 10 days every month. HB all perfect Oct 5 US: I am still working through a few more configuration issues, so try to ignore any interim issues while I get things smoothed out: I really hope I'm not pregnant.

I finished my 10 days pack 3 days ago and still no period. I have being doing this now for 7 months and have had very regular periods.

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Med Help International, Inc. Any else have this type of spotting during taking Prometrium and did you wait until after the 10 day cycle and THEN get a period? I started taking mg of progesterone and it didn't do anything for my cycles for 2 months. Most Helpful Most Recent.

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I haven't heard what he had to say about that but am on bcp now because I'm going to have a hysteroscopy. BFP, what are the chances!! I am looking everyday to see if I get my period but I dont know if it automatically delays it.

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This is nothing new. When should you start measuring your basal body temperature? So question for you Rasberry if you don't mind Posted 05 January - Prometrium to start period. I found this very confusing, which is why I'm turning to you guys. I am taking prometriumafter my period starts when should I ov. That would be the only thing that has changed in my daily routine, I just wanna make sure that there is nothing more serious going on with me. We are so happy and thankful.