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Posted July 30, Even if it's an innocent mistake. You can read messages without logging in. All times are GMT Phentermine is potentially addicting. Does anyone know how long you have to wait after you have surgery to start taking diet pills? I attributed that to my bipap machine and oxygen at night. They told me on the phone the average weight loss will be around 2 to 3 pounds weekly The drug you mention is less likely to interact with your wound healing than interact with other medications.

I have tried to keep off the weight but to no avail it has started to climb back on and at a rapid rate. It is aloso based on a low sugar and low fat diet plan. I go to good doctors But they did give me lots 'olots of energy I don't take B12 injections but have started taking iron supplements, B12, and B6. The side effects we believe migth be the cause of me not being able to lose weight. I am actually in the pre-infant stages of getting this going.

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Without prescription Buy Phen Caps. I don't know if the pill stops working as well if you don't eat enough and put your body into starvation mode.

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But I am glad you are still a go for your big day. I didn't think that they sold it anymore. How long do you usually have to wait to go back to work and is recovery really painful.

Can you recommend any affordable places where I can get this procedure done at? Didnt need the lump removed yet so I didnt need to stop.

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Well I've lost weight after 3 now 4 actually mixing healthy diet and exercise with the pills. I am not a huge fan of diet drugs even under optimal conditions. I have also gained 20 pounds in the last year.