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I never mentioned it to my neuro because I didn't think it was related to neurological issues. After taking one dose of Levaquin I experienced dizziness, mild knee pain, a brief auditory hallucination and a nightmare. Luckily I take xanax for anxiety so it helps but is this a common reaction? In vitro and in vivo studies in animals indicate that levofloxacin is neither an enzyme inducer nor inhibitor in the human therapeutic plasma concentration range; therefore, no drug metabolizing enzyme-related interactions with other drugs or agents are anticipated.

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If you have any of the following serious side effects while you take Levofloxacin, get medical help right away.

It caused me a Palpitations is a known side effect of Levaquin. Elderly patients may be more susceptible to drug-associated effects on the QT interval.

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It is prescribed for lung infections, sinusitis, earaches, sore throats caused by strep, skin infections and urinary tract infections, to name just a few of the many uses for this broad-spectrum antibiotic. Neither one of could sleep at all. Other than the nausea, I didn't have any other side effects. I have had some prostate problems chronic infectionand the same doctor that prescribed the elavil prescribed levaquin for the prostatitis.

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Patients should be informed that if they are diabetic and are being treated with insulin or an oral hypoglycemic agent and a hypoglycemic reaction occurs, they should discontinue Levofloxacin and consult a physician. Back to Sign in! The familiar chest and back pain- unspeakable- happened.

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Available for Android and iOS devices. CDAD must be considered in all patients who present with diarrhea following antibiotic use. A placebo-controlled animal study in African green monkeys exposed to an inhaled mean dose of 65 LD 50 range 3 to LD 50 of Yersinia pestis CO92 strain was conducted.

After returning home, he noticed severe pain in his left arm. This in vitro chelation potential has the following formation order: Clinical success rates in clinically and microbiologically evaluable patients at the post-therapy visit primary study endpoint assessed on day 3—15 after completing therapy were Hope it passes soon.

In mice, the CNS stimulatory effect of quinolones is enhanced by concomitant administration of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Elevations of the prothrombin time in the setting of concurrent warfarin and Levofloxacin use have been associated with episodes of bleeding. The patient should be observed and appropriate hydration maintained. Had second episode of palpitations in middle of the night.