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As soon as I tasted the vodka I realised what I had just done and stuck my finger down my throat to induce vomiting.

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I don't doubt you have anxiety Share on Twitter Tweet. It is an antipsychotic drug. Even though, Klonopin is very efficient medicine that helped many patients, outside of a prescription, it can be very harmful for those who use it for non-medical reasons.

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Flumazenil is proved to be good antidote which can be administered in the hospital to neutralize the effects of an acute benzodiazepine overdose. I've done shit like driving and forgetting where I left my car, being a massive dick to my friends and not even thinking about them, thinking I was sober and driving recklessly with other people in the car.

Trust me, I'm not exaggerating. Try smoking some good weed while you're on a benzo and tell me you don't feel like a million bucks.

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This is an archived post. We do not allow ID posts. Perhaps, but hey, at least I'm feeling okay, despite the ephemeral nature of such effects, I'm quite convinced that this drug can truly help me.

It will probably take me another hour or two to fall asleep but I am definitely not capable of typing any more. If you mix it with opiates or alcohol there is an increased risk of overdose and death. Adults between the ages of 18 — 64 were the major population and thousands of them got struggle to addiction or dependence due to a prescription for these medications. I have been through drug withdrawals, but benzo withdrawal is the worst.

Unlike faster-acting benzodiazepines like Ativan or Xanax, Klonopin can take 60 minutes or more to take effect.

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To me xanax is the best, you have to take about 3 or 4 mgs but its well worth it, especially if you mix it with a few pain pills Consumed together, they increase drowsiness and respiratory depression. Ativan lorazepamXanax alprazolamValium diazepambut also Klonopin clonazepam are frequently prescribed and can be found in many households.

More and more doctors are switching to SSRIs to treat anxiety sure, but Xanax is still the go to for anxiety issues for many doctors. Klonopin is responsible for thousands of deaths. Relaxation Stress relief High levels of self-confidence As doses increase so does the experience of intoxication, which is similar to alcohol in its effects.

Some of us use healthy coping mechanisms. However, many people enjoy the sedative experience of Klonopin induces. Hospital admission statistics show that more patients end up in the emergency room for benzo abuse than for illegal street drug abuse.

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