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Termination of resuscitation rules for in-hospital cardiac arrest are less reliable although EMS rules may be useful for those with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest who have ongoing resuscitation in the emergency department. Positive end expiratory pressure PEEP increases transthoracic impedance and should be minimised during defibrillation. EMS personnel should provide high-quality CPR while a defibrillator is retrieved, applied and charged. When used with a face mask, it is often difficult to achieve a gas-tight seal between the mask and the patient's face, and to maintain a patent airway with one hand while squeezing the bag with the other.

Education in acute care Several studies show that medical and nursing staff lack knowledge and skills in acute care, 2930313233343536and 37 e. It decreases ventricular automaticity, and its local anaesthetic action suppresses ventricular ectopic activity.

Articles in the November issue discuss some differential diagnoses to consider in a patient who presents with chest pain. There are circumstances where resuscitation is inappropriate and should not be provided. There is a significant increase in the end-tidal carbon dioxide value during chest compressions and the patient starts moving and eye opening.

The experience from the three large RCTs suggests that use of mechanical devices requires initial and on-going training and quality assurance to minimise interruptions in chest compression when transitioning from manual to mechanical compressions and preventing delays in defibrillation.

Avoid using adenosine, diltiazem, verapamil or digoxin in patients with pre-excited AF or atrial flutter, as these drugs block the AV node and cause a relative increase in pre-excitation.

This is especially apparent when the cause is known, or suspected to be, a pulmonary embolism or coronary thrombosis.

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This will help to prevent secondary hypoxic damage to the brain and other vital organs. Amiodarone is a membrane-stabilising anti-arrhythmic drug that increases the duration of the action potential and refractory period in atrial and ventricular myocardium.

It plays a major role in neurochemical transmission, where it decreases acetylcholine release and reduces the sensitivity of the motor endplate. The commonest cause of thromboembolic or mechanical circulatory obstruction is massive pulmonary embolism. While awaiting this team, give oxygen, attach monitoring and insert an intravenous cannula.

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A strategy of recognising patients at risk of cardiac arrest may enable some of these arrests to be prevented, or may prevent futile resuscitation attempts in those who are unlikely to benefit from CPR.

In the presence of a patent airway, chest compressions alone may result in some ventilation of the lungs. Peripheral venous cannulation is quicker, easier to perform and safer. A meta-analysis of 10 trials of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and two of in-hospital cardiac arrest showed no early or late survival benefit to ACD-CPR over conventional CPR and and this is confirmed by another recent meta-analysis. When there is a risk of cervical spine injury, establish a clear upper airway by using jaw thrust or chin lift in combination with manual in-line stabilisation MILS of the head and neck by an assistant.

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The new adult resuscitation guidelines, published by the European Resuscitation Council in latehave important changes that affect the practice of resuscitation. Brugada syndrome, hypertrophic cardiomyopathycongenital heart disease, myocarditis and substance abuse are predominant causes in the young. In out-of-hospital cardiac arrest attended, but unwitnessed, by healthcare professionals equipped with manual defibrillators, give CPR for 2 min i.