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I broke the 10mg pill in half and fed both halves to her in 2 pieces of cheese. You can give 2. However, if not used properly, Zyrtec many cause side effects like liver damage.

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As I mentioned above, the first and best treatment method for pet allergies is to avoid the allergy causing substances as much as possible. However, if your dog is older, he might not be able to tolerate a higher dose.

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Please enter your comment! In those instances, Vets suggest Zyrtec as the most suitable remedy. After consulting with a holisting vet I dedide to try a few herbs and medicinal things.

October 6, 1 found this helpful. Feeding a Dog With Food Allergies. It has not been proven to be safe in dogs, and does not appear to be as effective as other available antihistamines. I don't know what dose they give, but their vet was who told them the amount to give. So are there any effects that this could be causing? Questions Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members. I hope this helps - lord knows we all just love our pets to death, and I hope that yours is feeling better.

Please don't give your dog any medications without checking with your vet. The active ingredient in zyrtec is the antihistamine that can treat issues like itching, watery eyes, runny nose and several other symptoms of skin allergies, as noted in dogs. Caney CreekOct 14, He does not have fleas.

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I was wondering if it was ok for dogs to have claritin as well. Discussion in ' Dog Health issues and questions ' started by brobertsonOct 12, During test studies, animals received as much as times the recommended human dose and suffered no long-term effects.

The good news though is that overdosing is not likely.

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Please research cold pressed coconut, I buy mine organic from the vitamin shoppe, has to be cold pressed it has lauric acid which helps with immflamation. Good luck and enjoy your pets. However, Zyrtec-D should be avoided, because it contain pseudoephedrine in addition to cetirizine, which can be harmful to your dog. Chlorpheniramine usually comes in tablets that are administered three times daily.

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I have a 6 year old mastiff mix with chronic Atopic dermititis. Spread dry borax in all carpet and your pets bed.

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There are not sufficient studies that show that Zyrtec is safe to be given to dogs which are pregnant, so be extra careful on this one.