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However it can help as an addition to PCT eg. I know its not the best idea, just wondering how long is to long. Then, due to my much higher testosterone levels right at the peak of what is considered normal range I suppose, my estrodiol began to rise rather significantly.

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So I just tried it myself. Before my cycle I took clomid mg for 10 days and my natty test level more than doubled. Has anyone ever ran a low dose of clomid as a test booster such as 25mg Eod? It all depends on the length and damage done during the cycle. Wouldn't increasing your test control the estrogen anyway?

Diggy like with all drugs there are side effects and if you search it online it will provide you a nice long list but the same is true of aspirin or fish oil Clomid is actually very mild and safe to use over the long haul!

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Keep members informed about plans and changes to the community. Last edited by Brenn; at Use 1mg of anastrozole per week to keep E under control. Unfortunately I can't post any of my lab work.

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Fadogia hcgenerate, bridgeBulbine phytoserms, tropinolAI's 6bromo, 6oxo etc. It really is a useful, thoroughly tested compound that has stood the test of many decades not just a single study done on midgets from Malaysia with 3 testicles if you follow me It is something definitely worth trying for the test boosting properties!

I have a question but i realy don't know where to put it, so if this isn't the right place for it I please ask to someone change the place of it. Please complete this form and click the button below to gain instant access. We are talking a small dose. For some yes it could be needed for me on the other hand I never needed an Aromatase inhibitor AI during clomid therapy. Many doctors will actually prescribe clomid now to their patients before moving on to shots etc.

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I like to use one during PCT as Nolva absolutely kills my libido. Vibora Pro-Member Total Posts: And would you run it starting from day 1 of PCT? My dad told me one time when I was young that if you beat off too much then you'll grow hair on your palms Shut down is shut down so neither clomid nor Human Chorionic Gonadotropin HCG is going to get you producing testosterone while using!

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I wasnt sure and Im glad you started this thread. You need a good booster or two to stack with it. Clomid in pill form or liquid?

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