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For example, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, helps individuals to find the connection between their thoughts and actions, and work to make them more positive in nature. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call or chat now. Dr Ashton is a reknowned authority on benzos and the correct tapering methods.

I have a friend whose husband had a xanax problem, the withdrawal from it made him have a seizure. You weren't taking it for anxiety, you were taking it to get high.

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Doc recently decided to try low dose xanax for r? I really appreciate everyone more than you could know Abil17 added 0 Minutes and 43 Seconds later I'm just lost right now. Withdrawal is as unique to each individual, as is the disease addiction itself and the withdrawal timeline may be affected by several different factors. I very much appreciate the update and from what you have said that is pretty much benzo withdrawal in a nutshell.

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Xanax withdrawal should not be attempted without medical assistance, as it can be dangerous and even potentially life-threatening. Because they may help somewhat.

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And if you DO require daily benzo use for long periods of time, I highly recommend switching to something longer acting than xanax.

Jakub added 1 Minutes and 23 Seconds later I'm pretty surprised, the neuropathic pain I've suffered at the beginning of this has diminished though not disappeared, diminishedand my fears of rebound spasticity in my legs seem to have been unfounded.

But I was lucky. I was on up to 2mg per day and have been at 1. Apr 13, 1.

Factors Affecting Withdrawal

But never consistently and never everyday! So they are dangerous, depending on what your doing at the time!

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Well I suppose it's been 5 days now, presuming you haven't taken any more. So for I would say a year to year and a half he had been taking xanax bars a day. Recently I switched to lorazepamand am having pretty good results.

I have heard they can occur but never had on myself. I asked her, as I was planning on quitting some time in the near future, if it would lower the seizure threshold and possibly present problems. He needs to be on something for seizure control for at least the entirety of the withdrawal period, usually diazepam would be the drug to use in this case due to its very long half life. I had more than one seizure.

I had 0 balance.