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I remember thinking to myself 'please stop', the pain was unbearable. Her family took her to hospital in Pontefract. No morethan 15mg every hours, with a maximum of 5 doses per day 24 hours. I am so ugly and stupid.? Overdosing is the commonest method of suicide amongst women of all ages, and paracetamol is the drug most commonly used.

At 30 I grow weary. The pain lasted for about a week on and off, as did the vomiting. This in turn can lead to you dying prematurely. But the drug built up in her system and her major organs slowly began closing down and it killed her. Today's headlines Most Read Heartbroken woman, 23, who lost five babies in six years is given hope of starting her dream family after I have been contemplating suicide for the last year or so. Not sufficient time between doses or high amount of tablets taken at one time may lead to a fatal overdose.

My parents are separated with my dad in sydney Australia. Firstly, thanks for all the replies. But that feeling of depression comes and goes and most times it feels like it just needs to end.

I think for things to sort out, I must be willing to do so. I know having super-religious parents can suck my parents are super-Catholic too! Although people vary in their susceptibility to paracetamol, between 15 to 20 mg tablets can be harmful. Their tills are meant to alert cashiers if an attempt to buy more than a single packet is made. Which means you can consume a mg paracetamol tablet every 4 hours.

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If you use several medicines it's possible to take too much paracetamol by mistake,' the report said. Is there something wrong with me for liking this? Looking back now, I wish I would have attained medical assistance.

If you ever need to talk ask me for my email addy. I have read that liver failiure cancan take up to a week though so thats kind of a on.

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This is particularly true for young people like those below 15 years of age show up in hospitals after deliberate overdose of paracetamol.

What happens if someone overdoses on paracetamol? You just have to work to find it and you just have to keep at it.

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I guess anything is possible, heaven or hell, stagnation or nonexistence. Make a three course meal and eat it 9.