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One blue valium equals one peach xanax.

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Doing more with less and quicker. BTW i like xanex white bars the best, don't ask me why, i just found they work the best and can be found at riteaide I don't know if this helps anyone, but i hope it does!

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Comment Vote up Report. That started my travels down the "Benzo Highway". I quit smoking and it wasn't nearly as hard as this.

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Xanax is a short acting benzo. Aug 3, This question has also been asked and answered here: Just thought I would drop in and say Valium is very fun, however blacking out can occur on valium, I'm not sure of the dosage required, be safe and have fun.

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Not the potency which is what the mg equivalenices based on. I am terrified I've been a long term user of Xanax for 7 or so yrs now I need help? TopNotchStonerApr 2, We want to have kids soon so I need to get off of them. From my experiance I would say the Blue, 1Mg. Join Date Sep Posts 1.

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Xanax really isn't a good drug to mess around with. Valium has a nicer come down and is less addictive because of it's longer half-life. The only drawback is most people can become very drowsy when they first start using it.

I can do stuff like that without Valium now that I'm in college, a more comfortable setting for me. It is not something you have beyond the procedure. Join Date Apr Posts 2.