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They talked about how it can ruin the inside of your nose, sinuses and your brain takes a beating. You may include additional information if you'd like. But I guess you don't care since you are working on doing stupid things. Health Other - Health. Posts involving obscene sexual situations, such as, but not limited to, incest, minors, and assault, will be removed.

My nose still feels very dried out the next day. If you get an infection in your brain, your body can't fight it off! Share your stories and laugh along with the internet. Just pop them, it's much easier. No, create an account now. Discussion in ' Deliriant antihistamines ' started by gupisesoFeb 25, You think about shit in a completely different way after knowing what it's like to be utterly fookin insane for a while. Your name or email address: D, but it does have a definite, noticeable numbing effect.

What it really comes down to thou is what is more appealing possible cocaine withdraw If You is addicted or State of Horrific Delirium and not horrific in the really delirious sense more like the see spiders crawl on you, Talk to walks, utter confusion.

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Because their is more ADAP in the pill then Hydrocodine, you will not get much of a high, and will get quite the nostril burn. If its the latter, let me reccommend crushing Smarties candies and doing that instead.

Take the Benadryl, orally and smoke some weed I don't understand the original poster. Your access to this service has been temporarily limited.

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The best way to ingest is using a Cold water filtration method. Benadryl is an antihistamine, which unfortunately does not. All posts are subject to a minimum length. If you have trouble with unsettling mental phenomenon then I strongly recommend you don't even try it. Has to be snortable, the ritual is half the fun.

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It won't make you high, it will just make you sleepy and make your nose burn like heck. Phil talked about this new things you kids are doing snorting pills up your nose. You will probably just go to sleep. Once your nose is done burning like 3 hours later you will fall asleep and when you wake up you won't wanna do anything and your body will be weak.

How many times is it normal to poo in the morning?