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An alternative is triamcinolone. But all of a sudden, the area where I was stung middle toe and surrounding toes and part of my foot turned red, became uncontrollably itchy and swollen. Traditional Chinese medicine has also studied the effects of natural compounds to treat allergies and have found out that a compound called FAHF-2 could work.

I have had the same problems as Dina.

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Is there any alternative for this? The cough lingers up to a month. After reading this site, Serra RX80 along with Serracor-NK seems to be the best for inflammation which the doctors recommended prednisone for and my stepson refused the script.

I would suggest looking into a product we sell called Serracor-NK. I am tempted to buy the products i would also be very interested in products for her high blood pressure and chronic urine infectionshowever i am always wary about buying things from the net esp products like these.

This method allows for the highest absorption of the enzymes.

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I am 78 years old, and am very allergic to Steroids, and have just been diagnosed with Lupus. I have been diagnosed with severe pulmonary hypertension and the the possibility of pulmonary veno occlusive disease.

What products do you recommend that he try? I would appreciate your suggestion on what might help my situation. She gave me allergy medications, Avamyz, Rhinocort, Claratyne all of which did absolutely nothing, Avamyz helped for less than an hour and then it came back.


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BTW my mum stopped taking the tablets today, because she started seeing stars infront of her eyes and painful eye issues!! You should never stop your treatment and replace the drug for other remedies without the supervision of a professional. The vet put her on 5 mg prednison daily and this works. How has he been doing as of late? My legs and knees swelled so bad I could hardly walk.

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I would start with Serracor-NK and see if that helps first. I find that when I take turmeric this really helps generally. On the flip side, they can mask infections so you may not notice you have the flu, pneumonia, or other illnesses until it has already damaged your body. I had already ordered the serrracor n-k but not the serra rx80 yet.

I have cidp dr wants to put me on predazone scared to try it what do you suggest. Yes we ship to the UK about every other day.