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Please wish me luck in coming of the Suboxone.

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You would have to look on line and find a doc close to you. I understand the pain you are in for it.

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The problem was, was that I was no longer getting ANY pain relief from either drug! You need support, family friends, and support from drug abuse groups. After long term use "skipping a day" could land him in the hospital. Also, avoid Grapefruit juice as it will extend the Xanax effect.

Could a tiny pc of Suboxone hurt with the meds Im now prescribed??? It sounds to me that your doctor did the right thing raising your dose, since you were still having cravings, and the attention to the anxiety problem is good. I take the xr version and it works great. I had to switch from t.

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Top groups Groups by medication Groups by condition. I've been off and on xanax for many years, and that may be the reason I've never had a problem with, because I definitely do have an addictive personality. I did think the you couldn't get as high from the subutex.

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My daughter was addicted to Vicodin, and for the last 2 years, she has been taking Soboxone. Opiate Dependence - Hello. I love suboxone, it has litterally saved my life.

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I highly suggest that you read some books about benzodiazepines View all 10 comments Add your Comment. Use it like you are supposed to. But God revealed to me that my abuse of this was wrong. Hope I can atleast get to one person through this! I was told talk subs for two weeks and ween ur self off and u should be good a lot is mental.

I got up to 8mg of the ir version and was able to cut it in half because the xanax xr works so well. Add your Answer Find similar questions. Oxycontin is a perfect example.

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Just remember take it slow and we all can get thru it