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Safe to take Metronidazole Flagyl while Breasfeeding? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. What are the effects of stopping Metronidazole flagyl during pregnancy? This is an archived post. Boiling points and more in depth isolation.

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Of course, especially if you're having stomach issues. Suggested diagnosis was what I hoped and will take this info to my doctor's appointment next week.

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Mobile Questions and Answers. I think I accidentally took two of my Escitalopram 20 mg. What is the dosage of generic Flagyl? You must log in or sign up to reply here. Afraid to drink bottled water cuz about it being acidic I have aniexty and I worry and I get sick will drinking acidic water give me cancer?

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Which is the safer legal scenario when driving with a small amount of marijuana, knowing my rights? ColeChuk's Smell Free Cannabutter. Can I smoke weed while taking flagyl self. I didn't mean to cause any harm or issue by asking.

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My doctor was anti antibiotics for a cough but then it stuck around so I got someshit, I fIet 20 years younger On Metronidazole for Flagyl. I was diagnosed with BV and had been taking flagyl to treat symptons. Suggested to take cipro and flagyl for diverticulitis.

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Already have an account? I am 33 weeks pregnant and am takinf clindomycin for.

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BckerJan 29, I have a tape worm and been given flagyl no effect whatsoever what am i going to do I desperate this is causing me severe chest pains. Submit a new link. By using this Site you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. Ask a Doctor Now.